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Setem Ku Individual is issued by Pos Malaysia Berhad to cater for customers who want to feature their image during a special moment or occasion on stamps. These images together with the base stamp will form a valid postage stamp. Customers can individual sheets of each design (minimum order is 1 sheet).

Setem Ku Individual is also available at Stamp Gallery (Headquarters), at more than 25 selected Pos Outlets countrywide and at our promotion booth/road shows countrywide. Full lists of Pos Outlets HERE.

Online purchase is available via www.posonline.com.my.

Setem Ku Individual is available in ten exclusive designs and allows individual to commemorate special events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements
  • Mother's day
  • Alumni’s
  • Father's day
  • Valentine's day
  • Special announcements such as birth of a newborn
  • Others

SetemKu Corporate is a valid postage stamp whereby a picture of photograph or corporate image or corporate logo can be added to the stamp by an organization / entity (usually corporate logo/image).


SetemKu Corporate is available in ten exclusive designs to enhance corporate image through special events such as:

- Corporate branding (local and international)

- Marketing and promotional tools

- Wide / fast public exposure

- New way of promoting products and services

- Distinctive marketing tools (value for money)

- Extend market coverage among stamp collectors (SODA member, school children etc.)

- Attract special public attention or interest

Issuance guidelines

- No liquor/cigarettes/gambling and other illegal activities

- Not cause any misunderstanding or conflict in our multi-racial and multi-religious nation or denigrate any race or religion

- No political symbols or defamatory messages

- No pictures of animals that are considered unclean by religion

- No messages/pictures that may erode the core moral value of the society

- Pos Malaysia ("PMB") reserve the right to reject any other designs that do not conform to PMB's issuance guideline